yesterday was a public holiday
today most of the team, including bossman, are on leave

urge to do anything productive...... minimal

Every time I post about this there's some drive-by takes of "well tech companies ARE overstaffed" or "managers are the REAL problem" or whatever else, and let me be abuuuuundantly clear: the actual and only problem is treating people as means to an end, fungible assets of production, and disposable instruments. I don't care if you do this in service of ~*shareholder value*~, or rEaLiGnInG pRiOriTiEs, or whatever other bootlicking reason you want to parrot. I don't care, and you will get blocked.

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oh, you're trying to connect two different kinds of magic?

you're gonna need an abracadaptor

Can’t listen to Wagner without seeing Bugs Bunny in drag and frankly, I think that’s beautiful, especially since it’s probably making Wagner roll in his grave like a rotisserie chicken.

when I say "no worries" it means "no worries left for you." my worries run at 100% every moment of the day. you cannot make it worse. this is just basic math

Not to be presumptuous, but you look like you could use a picture of a fluffy cats belly, so here you go…

turns out, after a couple of hours locked in a very hot ceiling space, small white jerks are quite desperately meowy to be heard and rescued.

not so desperate, mind, that we won't IMMEDIATELY follow me back up the ladder when I go up to do more stuff.

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DID YOU KNOW cats can climb ladders?

Specifically, 9 ft ladders leading into ceiling cavities?

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It's nearly midday and I have not seen a certain small white cat at all yet today.

I'm... mostly certain.. she hasn't escaped. But fucked if I can find her new Spot.

With the start of the TLoU TV show, it's finally motivated me to go and actually.. play the game.

(I played TLoU2 first)

I'm trying to stay ahead of the show and, so far, succeeding. It is fascinating seeing how close they're sticking to the game, and what changes they've chosen to make

related: I have just now purchased a climbing harness, for to attach to something solid.

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I have returned alive from clearing out the gutters.

Standing and sitting on a sloping metal surface inches away from a 30ft drop remains my least favourite household chore.

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Had a storm hit us last night - pretty small, mostly rain. Smallest runs up to me:
“Daddy! Waters coming in my window!! But it’s closed!”

She wasn’t wrong. Water in the roof, running down the wall cavity and through the window surround.


it's only "AI" if it comes from the san francisco bay area . otherwise it's just sparkling autocomplete


related: why in living fuck is 32-bit software even a thing in this, the age where 8GB RAM is insufficient.

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