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Here's my pinned toot: the world is a better place when we're nice to each other. That's it, that's the toot

I'm kinda done with the meme/joke about "how Kevin's father from Home Alone can afford that house and fancy trips for the family." He's the Managing Director of a law firm. He's an oil executive. VP of Marketing for Phillip Morris. Who cares!? Lots of these people exist. You wanna know how Kevin's dad is rich but not a billionaire? It's the same answer to everything else: capitalism. And it sucks.

I think they should do a reboot of Cheers. But in this one they shouldn't wait to the last episode for us to find out that Norm is an alien from the planet Xarbon 9

Violence, death, war, Russia, Ukraine 

I'm not saying that I should do it, or who should do it, or how it should be done. But I wouldn't shed a tear if it happened.

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Violence, death, war, Russia, Ukraine 

I rarely want anyone to die. Death includes a finality that we can't take back. So I reserve wishing death on people in a very small number of situations.

All that to say wouldn't it be great if someone put a bullet in Vladimir's head? Just blow his brains out so bad that the people who come to investigate the gunfire are slipping around in his blood and brain matter like The Three Stooges in that one episode where they knocked over all the paint cans?

Trans rights are human rights.

Black lives matter.

No human is illegal.

Love is love.

Their body, their choice.

Science is real.

Kindness is everything.

P.S. If you started following me due to this post, PLEASE look at my profile and decide if it's for you.

Make sure general nerdiness, tabletop roleplay, and other related pursuits are the kind of content you want to see in your timeline.

Our values obviously align, but our interests/hobbies might not. No hard feelings if you unfollow. 😉

I wonder if there are any libertarians in Texas who get upset that it's an anagram of taxes?

Things that should be illegal, part I: non-linear progress bars. i.e. If your software takes 100 seconds to install, it should be at 10% at 10 seconds, 50% at 50 seconds, and so on. I know this is an impractical/impossible computer science problem; I don't care

Why does my swype keyboard remember every dumb mistake, and "okee," but not "dokee?"

I really don't see any reason why someone shouldn't give me several million dollars and then leave me alone

One of my favorite things in business is dealing with people who think everyone is trying to screw them, so they see every interaction as adversarial, and can't develop a partnership. Kindly fuck off with your bullshit

One of these days, Alice: bang, zoom, to the moo!

(in this scenario Alice is a cow)

Here's my pinned toot: the world is a better place when we're nice to each other. That's it, that's the toot is a Hometown instance for friends of friends. We care about mutual aid, trans rights, and reproductive justice. Hometown is a fork of Mastodon, a decentralized social network with no ads, no corporate surveillance, and ethical design.