Since I migrated instances, a new to pin:

I write essays about the intersection of tech and society and work that are secretly essays about feelings. Among other things, I care about labour organizing, police abolition, antiracism and decolonization, accessibility, and public interest technology.

At work I’m a fullstack engineer. In my spare time I read (SFF mainly, but also sociology), climb, and dabble in various textile crafts. Occasional shitposter. Hello!

@salthazar I’m using a managed host, so fairly uneventful so far.

@phire I love the new domain for the instance :fire_heart:

@phire Nice! Looking forward to seeing how your new instance grows; I bet I'd find it a friendly smaller instance. I found a couple broken links on your about/more, FYI; I can send you details if you want.

@phire They're both under Administration. One was your name which is fixed now; the other is "coffee here" which is missing the href.

@bullwong D’oh, thanks! I found the first one but the second one was a - instead of an =, because I’m just so spoiled by IDEs these days 😅

@phire yw! I wondered if -= was some fancy new syntax or something. 😅 The href value was blank too, though I could see an editor omitting that if the attribute syntax was already borked.

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