I try very hard not to hate people mainly because I don't think it's a good use of my time and energy, but people insist on Saying Things.


I can’t believe when I posted this I hadn’t even read the DHH thing yet. that’s enough internet for today.

@aut @phire Consider yourself fortunate. You don't need to know. Trust me: It's better this way.

@aut @phire fair 'nuff.
Runs Basecamp. Poster boy for "politics in the world place is bad, so this workplace is now a 'politics free' zone" as a nice cover for "maybe shut up about all this equity and accommodations and human rights silliness".

@hugo @phire ah, another CEO that is also a psychopath. No surprises there. Hope he chokes

@aut @hugo yeah sorry about the obscureness, though in this case I literally could tell you what his name is if my life depended on it. Dave something? There’s a lot of Daves.

@phire @hugo from reading about him, his name isn't worth your time

@anildash @phire it's bad. He's a an anti DEI revanchist and happy to write about it in his blog

@danhon @knowtheory @anildash @phire You're all doing a great job not linking it, so thanks from everyone else! 🤗

@phire I literally put in filters just to *not* see whatever the latest DHH things is because I'm here today to chew bubblegum and avoid drama and I'm all out of bubblegum.

@phire Just make sure to remind the last person out to reset the "It's been X days since the last #RubyDrama" on your way out, would you?

That's as close as I want to get.

@phire ughhhhh what idiot words did he write now and why am I about to go read them now to reinforce my hate? 😀

@phire "the worthwhile aspirations of a misguided movement" I'm screaming inside

@303 I hate it more than anything I’ve read in a while

@phire I have now read what I believe to be “the thing” and it literally made me nauseous. I am extremely glad I have never purchased or subbed to any of his products (though I am sure there are plenty of lovely people stuck working for him).

@NateBarham I can't believe we as an industry used to revere the company as a model of how to run a good company!! Fried seems to try to stay entirely out of it, but I have to imagine he endorses at least the corporate policies around no politics or whatever.

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