In case you've never seen this, please enjoy 3 minutes of crime against programming (i.e. proving the Turing Completeness of Powerpoint):

That ^ is my favourite tech lightning talk, a title previously occupied for years by Gary Bernhardt's Wat:

rewatching this just now made me realize I actually mostly understand why Javascript does those things, which is growth??? I guess???

@brendn I know, right? He didn’t cover my favourite, which is that Number.isNaN(NaN) returns false.

@phire I watch it. The pauses between slides takes a little long. thanks.

@phire I've seen this, it's one of my favorite lightning talks. Thanks for bringing it up!

@phire adding this to the chicken chicken chicken chicken hall of fame

@phire Do I wanna know how/why you stumbled over that? 😆

@reto @phire I honestly have zero memory of why I know about this

@eilatan you suffered through it, now you have to share, is that how it works >.<

@phire the sequel, where they discover even more unbelievable powerpoint things in real time, is even more unhinged

@phire I was just thinking about this yesterday!

Have you seen ? Another beautiful monster.

@phire there are a few other gems in SIGBOVIK archives – I once spent a whole Saturday reading/watching them, and it was a very good Saturday indeed.

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