Ooooh today’s update to the open beta added some pretty major missing functionalities, making this absolutely my current top rec for Mastodon on iOS. Thanks @shadowfacts!

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I forget who was looking for mobile list management the other day but this has that too now.

@phire @shadowfacts ooh multiple favourites collapsed into one notification

@juv3nal @shadowfacts this is the killer feature for sure, but also, actual density in the app so you can see more than two posts at a time?? love it.

@phire @shadowfacts Thanks for the recommendation! Very smooth GUI, very easy to use. Yet another feather in the cap, to mix metaphors.

@phire @shadowfacts It’s my main app already after just a couple days. It keeps my place in the timeline, has a reasonable font size and doesn’t suffer from the jitteriness of Metatext. Thanks for the rec!

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