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hello! Here is an #introduction ! I can’t remember ever using a hashtag in my life so please excuse this potentially rickety first (& maybe only) attempt. 🙈 I am a #poet & frequent #performer of said #poetry & occasional #writer of non-poetry. Some of my main joys include: poems & wordplay & live performance & creative collaborations & immense effort for a small audience. I also run an org called Project VOICE w fellow-poet Phil Kaye that’s dedicated to bringing poetry into education spaces.

Was reviewing trending hashtags on my instance and came across , and I was initially like "haha that's a funny little pun for the 'like and subscribe' trope" but nope, it's actually about lichen. Respect.

I try very hard not to hate people mainly because I don't think it's a good use of my time and energy, but people insist on Saying Things.

really enjoyed reading this interactive guide to flexbox, I learned some new things about flexbox (like how it interacts with `min-width` which has confused me many times in the past)

i love writing projects, they concentrate the highest number of crippling insecurities over the longest period of time possible

One of my favorite things in business is dealing with people who think everyone is trying to screw them, so they see every interaction as adversarial, and can't develop a partnership. Kindly fuck off with your bullshit

Disturbed by reports of Black Mastodon users—Black women in particular—having negative experiences on this app, including being randomly banned for discussions of racism. Some of these users will not come back. All will share their experiences. The answer is not to condescendingly lecture them on “how the fediverse works,” as if their experiences are inevitable, nor to swear to do better next time. (There may not be one.) It’s to do better now lest the reputation of this app be cemented.

Fedi meta 

To give more context: for me, Mastodon lost its luster when my wife stopped using it.

She was on "weird Mastodon." Her entire goal was to make funny jokes and boost and riff on other people's funny jokes. Mastodon for her was sheer joy.

She got driven off the platform by the replies. (She is a woman on the internet, after all.) Weird sexual innuendo, "well actually"s, and people not getting the joke. Plus the funny people left. It became un-fun for her.

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additional caveat: this misses the nuance around the gender and race politics of who gets to look stupid, which is constantly in the back of my mind, because my looking stupid is a stereotype threat, so know that I think the essay is worth reading even in spite of that.

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Not holding my breath for this but it would be *pretty* wild if the New York Times editorial board was like, "You know, we realize that by enabling so much whataboutism re: the right of trans people to exist our hands are pretty bloody so we're not gonna do that anymore."

as someone who expends a tremendous amount of energy on not looking stupid at all costs, this post on the value of looking stupid by Dan Luu was SUPER interesting

There was a terrible misunderstanding, and in an attempt to solve the four hardest problems in computer science (the other three are naming things and off-by-one errors), the cryptobros thought they'd nailed cash invalidation.

#sorry #notsorry

7 things all kids need to hear

1 I love you

2 I'm proud of you

3 I'm sorry

4 I forgive you

5 I'm listening

6 RAID is not backup. Make offsite backups. Verify backup. Find out restore time. Otherwise, you got what we call Schrödinger backup

7 You've got what it takes

Here's my pinned toot: the world is a better place when we're nice to each other. That's it, that's the toot

DHH’s take on DEI is the opinion of someone who ignorantly wrote off DEI as “quotas and bar-lowering” and never bothered challenging his own understanding of the world any more deeply than that. So, basically, like almost every other DHH take.

It’s that time of year again, when some companies think about giving their staff holiday gifts. If you’re thinking about it, here’s a list of good gifts to consider:

1. Cash

That’s it. That’s the list.

What I love about homeownership is that it represents a whole new frontier of major project deadlines on which I can fall behind.

extremely good and funny point from NYT: maybe now that journalists have begun to do content moderation, they will have more respect for how brutally difficult a job it is for the big platforms

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