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It's time for a new on a new instance! Hello old and new friends! I'm a friend of Phire's from Twitter and Peach. I am a (mostly) working journalist, although my newsletter about Amazon is sunsetting at the end of the year because Elon bought Twitter. I used to write for Wired and The Verge, and often guest-host for Kottke. I am interested in humanities and science and all things nerdy (including sports). I was born in Detroit and live with my (just-married!) wife in Philadelphia.

It warms my chilly Gen X heart to see so many people going back to blogging and RSS! My site Amazon Chronicles is primarily designed to be a newsletter, but you can also subscribe to the site’s feed here:

Foolish me. I spent the weekend worrying about the effects of large language models on our educational mission.

Apparently it take a true visionary like billionaire venture capitalist, backer, and Musk-stan Marc Andreessen to see that the real problem in the AI space is that these academic fields like AI Ethics and AI Safety are trying to CENSOR perfectly innocent algorithms that are simply minding their own business and preserving or exacerbating societal injustices.

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My issue is not with N*zis. Trash people and sociopaths will always exist.

My issue is with the violence inherent in insufficient moderation coupled with a "use CW!" culture that denies the self reflection that would allow Mastodon users to realize that outside of 4ch*n, many Black users' *worst online experience ever*, was on Mastodon.

If you don't follow Black users and listen to them, you would never know this.

If you want to stop AI from hurting artists, don't try to persuade people not to use it. Instead teach boomers how to make Minion memes with it. Nothing will kill the AI vibe faster than Carol in accounts receivable thinking it's cool

I feel like I've said this a bunch but I also know that lots of people don't actually know this yet: Flash Forward is ending for good at the end of the year. Here's a post about that and what comes next:

So I wrote a post. It's something I've been thinking a lot about lately. I hope you'll give it a read.

Here's the gist: we have to stop talking about online community spaces as gardens or natural resources. You know what they are? They're bars. And that's okay.

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there are hundreds of web sites, even more some say

"Good opinion writing shouldn’t take away from the strength of a media outlet’s reporting. Good opinion writing is heavily fact-checked, thoroughly edited & strives to make whatever arguments are available with the facts as they are.

It's when media outlets don’t hold their opinion writers to the same level of factual scrutiny that reporters are held to, their reputations, as well as the industry's as a whole, suffer,” writes @parkermolloy

Anyone interested in buying a music tech / biz scoop for their publication? Message me!

so the people who think that all these advances in AI writing are Good, Actually must just never search the web for anything huh

saw the phrase "knife guy" and now my brain won't stop repeating "i love my curvy knife"

in the good timeline, GPT finally trains humanity to understand that someone who's eloquent is not therefore automatically trustworthy

Timnit Gebru (@timnitGebru) adds another nail in the coffin of effective altruism (EA) with her piece for WIRED:

For me, this follows »The good delusion: has effective altruism broken bad?« by Linda Kinstler:

And »Against longtermism« by Émile P Torres:

Who knows something about Anne Claude Philippe, comte de Caylus, and his Dissertation sur papyrus and can I ask you do to a quick fact check on a few sentences? alternatively, knowledge about Marie-Thérèse Reboul is also helpful. thanks!

This week, LastPass, and its parent company GoTo, both published blog posts about their recent data breach:

But if you search for GoTo's blog post in Google, you won't find it, because GoTo hid its breach notice from search engines using "noindex" code.

My new Amazon Chronicles newsletter includes a roundup of the most important news and stories about Amazon, and also sketches how I’m thinking about Amazon and its peers lately. The formula: “the heroic phase of the tech giants is over.”

imagine the yelp review Mary left for that stable

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