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Sometimes my daughter clings so much to her mama I’m convinced she hates me, so this piece resonated quite a bit:

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I think my favorite use of emoji responses on Slack/Discord/etc is when someone just latches onto a particular word in a message and attaches its emoji, with no semantic content intended. E.g. someone'll say "Sorry, the bus is running late" and someone else will just slap a 🚌 on there to confirm that they did indeed notice and recognize the word "bus"

Didn’t know much about Peter Norman from Australia (the white man in the photo of the Black Power salute at the 1968 Olympics), but this quick overview says a lot about who he was and his participation in and support of the powerful message:

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#govtech #civtech #digitalservice friends, please share this opportunity. Come be a #Georgetown Fellow, leading the #BeeckCenter team whose mission is to help governments work together to solve common software problems. The potential for this to help governments serve people better is enormous.

“This tool for consumer reviews has become a digital guestbook for anything and everything in the world.”

On the beautiful experience of writing and reading Google reviews:

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Working on performance reviews and reminded how much career advancement boils down to your manager being willing to argue in a roomful of their peers that you deserve that raise or promotion.

If you can't picture your manager doing that then you can't outwork your way to a promo

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five or six weeks to the first daffodils, I think we might be gonna make it

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Can we also take a moment to note that "woke", as used here, was originally a Black American term for being aware of systemic racism, and in just a few years, the US right turned it into a totally content-free sneer? And the entire English-speaking media basically just ran with it, to the extent that you now hear it used in _Finnish_?

Because that's white supremacy for you. Criticism, even awareness, of the racist power structure will not be tolerated.

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Mastodon: Do your thing. 😂 Help me spread the word. 🫶

Major tech/gov open house/recruitment event (virtual) taking place Jan 18 2023, 12-4pm ET.

This is for anyone curious to explore new frontiers in tech and in government. All levels. All disciplines.

Register today:

#techtogov #tech #government #layoffs #jobs

I can not imagine the amount of time and effort that went into making this Rube Goldberg machine to serve ice cream. I’m fascinated and impressed.

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a re-creation of Dark Sky (weather website/API) based on open data was released today! 🌤️

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Been seeing a lot about #ChatGPT lately and got my first question at the library this week from someone who was looking for a book that the bot had recommended. They couldn't find it in our catalog. Turns out that ALL the books that ChatGPT had recommended for their topic were non-existent. Just real authors and fake titles cobbled together. And apparently this is known behavior. 😮

Nothing makes me feel older than taking my two-year-old to her activities and to places like the children’s museum.

The other parents are all at least a decade younger than me (in most cases, more than that), and I feel closer in age to some of the grandparents than the parents.

It’s a jarring feeling to feel so old, to be reminded that other people have had a much different life trajectory than my own.

“If you’re trying to get through your work as quickly as you can, then maybe you should see if you can find a different line of work. And if you’re trying to get through your leisure-time reading and watching and listening as quickly as you can, then you definitely do not understand the meaning of leisure and should do a thorough rethink.”

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Friday afternoon reminder to not empty your inbox at the expense of someone else's. We've all still got some catching up to do. If it doesn't need attention over the weekend, just schedule it for Monday (or even Tuesday!) and have a good weekend.

I grew up on the fifteenth floor of a high-rise near the Toronto airport, and always thought that was extremely high in the sky. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to live almost fifty, sixty, almost a hundred floors up.

This piece on supertalls—extremely tall skyscrapers popping up all over the world—is fascinating:

@sboots Congrats on the new addition to your family!

This is nuts:

We once ate at three Michelin-starred restaurants in 24 hours (dinner, lunch, dinner—six stars total) and I felt sick and overwhelmed by the final one.

vasta boosted is a website that tells you how many other people are looking at it, when they leave… aaaaand that's about it (via @fka_tabs)

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