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Mechanical engineer, focused on HVAC optimization and energy efficiency. I typically post bad puns, threads reminding people to buy air filters and defrost their turkeys. I spend time cooking, exercising, , composting, and occasionally gardening. I like to grow garlic because it pretty much grows itself. I once ran headfirst through a sliding glass door, and still have the scars from that.

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My hot take is that solar farms are fucking dumb and the only reason people want them is so they can monopolize a renewable energy source that has no need to be centralized. Capitalism is holding us back from progress, again, because progress looks like decentralization and production returned to individuals and communities.

It gets even better:

"Home Depot said it did not notify customers of its sharing agreement with Meta when they were at checkout before prompting an e-receipt, due to the risk of 'consent fatigue.'"


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"Home Depot told Dufresne's office that it relied on implied consent and that its privacy statement — accessible through its website and in print upon request at retail locations — explained that the company uses de-identified information for internal business purposes."


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Video footage of yesterday’s crash at Rainier Ave/Graham St where a driver hit a family of 3 pedestrians in a crosswalk has been shared on Twitter. #Seattle #VisionZero

Pic is moments before the driver hit the family, but it’s clear the driver was trying to force a left turn in front of oncoming traffic and didn’t check to see if anyone was in the crosswalk. Unacceptable.

Birdsite link (CW: traffic violence):

Economics, layman's take 

Interest rates going up? Yeah okay but why does that cause food in my market to double in price, other than corporations throwing a hissy fit over the end of (extremely) cheap money? I'm old enough to remember low interest rates and tax cuts being called a "sugar high" that will wear off eventually.

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Economics, layman's take 

War in Ukraine making energy expensive? Yes, but apparently natural gas stockpiles are full and the gasoline prices I see around me are hovering under $4.

Supply chain issues? Is it a lack of materials or a lack of workers?

Lack of workers is causing a recession? The economy is contracting because there's too much work and not enough people? Shouldn't that um fuel economic growth?

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Economics, layman's take 

As an adult I lived through the pandemic, the Great Recession, and the tail end of the Dot Com Crash. Each one I could sort of understand what was driving the recession. This time around I'm scratching my head trying to figure out what disaster is driving this current "recession." As far as I can tell it's just corporate greed sucking up all the money so there's less around for anyone else to spend.

What We Do In The Shadows S2E3, and Vampire: The Masquerade 

This is like watching Vampire RPG players try to maintain The Veil.

I'm fortunate eggs aren't a staple food for me. I can go without for a while. If this happened to rice I would be unhappy.

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While I'm at it we need a new PSA campaign titled "Stop idling your fucking engines." I see people of all ages, races, socioeconomic classes sitting in idling cars in parking lots and on curbs for no apparent reason.

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To get rid of traffic deaths we need to get rid of cars.

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Last retoot: it is unclear to me what actions are being taken to meet this goal. More roads, more cars, more speed, less enforcement, no infrastructure changes, and we're confused as to why traffic deaths are going up?

It's almost like our approach to preventing gun deaths in America. We've tried nothing and we're all out of ideas.

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In _Everything Everywhere All at Once_, there’s a scene that shows a whole lot of Evelyns in quick succession. Someone has taken stills of all those Evelyns and posted them here:

(The title of the post says “Every version of Evelyn,” but I think it really just means every version in that particular sequence.)

: Instructor: (so and so longtime student) is moving to LA

Other student: What?

Another student: Oh no!

Student 3: Aww, I'll miss him!

Me: (distasteful tone) ell - aayyyyyy?

Student next to me: lol letterkenny reference

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I like watching old Jaques Pepin and Martin Yan shows on KQED's youtube channel, but I find it weird that the 80's were so obsessed with reducing calories in food.

For lunch, took the coworkers to a pho place that I haven't been to in many years, just for a change from the Chinese place we go to all the time. Then I remembered why I haven't been back: their pho broth is very one-note, kind of boring, and the noodles are overcooked and nearly mushy. 2/10, won't return for another 5 years.

✅ Office Phone
✅ Cell Phone
✅ Text Message
✅ LinkedIn message

I'm surprised he hasn't sent me a direct email yet.

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